AP (Addiction Points or Anger Points) is an important stat that must be carefully managed. If Rion takes damage or uses his psychic powers, the purple AP gauge will fill up. Once it is full, Rion will undergo a Short that can be cured by the drug Delmetor. Appolinar will completely fill Rion's AP gauge and induce a manual short. In Galerians: Ash, healing spots in Lilia's Hyper Sleep Room and Pat's Air Beagle will empty the AP gauge along with restoring any lost HP.

In the first game, Rion's AP gauge is constantly rising and cannot be stopped no matter what. Even if the player avoids all fighting and keeps the use of his psychic powers to a minimum, it will still slowly increase. The AP gauge will be emptied after completing a Stage and starting a new one.

In the second game, the AP gauge no longer increases unless Rion is under some form of stress. Taking damage, using psychic abilities, dodge rolling, and being in areas with high radiation are the only things that will increase the AP gauge. On Easy Mode, the player will start with 2000 AP and on Normal or Hard Mode, the player will start with 1000 AP.