Stimulates blood circulation, and as a side effect, increases absorption. It is very dangerous when taken with other drugs as it quickly raises blood concentration and the rate of drug absorption. Use with caution.
—Description from Galerians

Appolinar (アポリナール) is a rare drug that appears late in the game. Rion can use it to max out his AP gauge, allowing for an instant Short. It is useful against multiple groups of enemies where it would usually be hard to avoid taking damage. Rion receives this drug first in Stage C inside the room of the Babylon Hotel drug dealer although, like D-Felon, there is only one. Later in Stage D, it is common within the Mushroom Tower. In Galerians: Ash, this drug can be used whilst Rion is already Shorting to instantly kill all non-boss enemies in the room. 

Trivia Edit

  • Dr. Lem threatens to inject Rion with Nalcon (despite being blue like D-Felon) which he then says will make him short. However, the drug Appolinar was designed to do just that. The Nalcon serum in Lem's Beeject most likely would've made Rion short due to overdosing on drugs which is comparable to using Appolinar.