Dr. Lem/Rem, Rabbits, and Arabesques from the JP Manual.

The Arabesque (アラベスク) is a mutant produced by the G Project. Red in color, they resemble skinless frogs with a white skull. Despite their movement speed in the first game being not very fast, they have strong legs capable of making quick leaps towards Rion's position to damage him. They attack with yellow acid that is vomited from their mouth along with sharp claws. If Rion attacks an Arabesque with Nalcon, sometimes one of their arms will rip off from their body although this will not stop them from trying to kill him. Despite making an appearance during one scene, Rion never fights any Arabesque during the Galerians: Rion OVA.

Like the Rabbit, there are two forms of Arabesque. The first is encountered at the end of Stage A in a freezer chamber and it is an optional fight that the player can completely avoid. They do not make another appearance until Stage C and D. The second form is encountered in Stage D and it is the only time they are fought by the player. Unlike the regular Arabesques, this form walks very fast on all four legs like a spider and they attack with their forearms. Because of their speed, it is much harder for Rion to battle them as they usually will damage him out of charging an attack.

Galerians: Ash also features the Arabesque but this time the two forms are a single entity. While they look like the first form, they sometimes crawl on all fours like the second. In the sequel they are much weaker than they are in the first game and appear much more frequently. Similarly to the Rabbit, they never appear alone and always attack in groups.

Trivia Edit

  • Arabesque strongly resemble Lickers, famous enemies from Resident Evil series, which looks to have been a strong source of inspiration for the first Galerians PSX game.
  • The word arabesque refers to a type of decorative art style that consists of many complicated patterns of intertwined lines. This may refer to the complicated experiments that lead up to the Arabesque's creation. The word itself is Arabic in origin.