Beeject Symbol

"Beeject is a gun-shaped injector for injecting PPECs into the body. Load drug cylinders into the device, press the muzzle against the neck, and then pull the trigger."

-Text from Galerians: Rion

A Beeject is a gun-shaped syringe used for injecting drugs into Rion's body so he can use his psychic powers in battle. In Galerians, all you need is one Beeject to insert drug cylinders into Rion's body or to restore depleted drugs.

The Beeject in Galerians: Rion.

The Galerians: Rion OVA also featured PPEC cylinders will built-in syringes that can be used without a Beeject although the Beeject still existed in the movie.
Beeject and Rion

Rion injecting Nalcon using the upgraded Beeject from Galerians: Ash.

To administer drugs to Rion, go to the menu and select the drug you want to use. It will automatically use the Beeject to inject the drug. If you don't have a Beeject, you can find one in the storage room in the hospital where Rion woke up. The drugs capable of being administered are Nalcon, Red, and D-Felon.

In Galerians: Ash, the design is slightly different, since Lilia's team improved it to allow the loading of all different types of cylinders. This was most likely done to incorporate the usage of the two new PPECs introduced, Bustanor and Breakaron.

Trivia Edit

  • Beejects are always seen used to inject PPECs into the neck; in real life it is easier to inject substances into the arm, since the veins there are more accessible. However, injection into neck is often used in horror and sci-fi movies to cause more anxiety or disgust to the audience.