Drugs are chemical substances of Galerians world. They are fundamental resources to progress through the games. They act as Rion's weapons that are needed to kill enemies and bosses. Some drugs also instead act as healing items.

Presumably developed first by Michelangelo Memorial Hospital, the staff studied and experimented with them on Rion and countless others. The drug dealer Joule also knows and possesses several of them. In Galerians: Ash, the staff of Dr. Lilia Pascalle develops some of them too. The PPECs can be used only by Galerians, since they are lethal to humans, but it's unknown if the same applies to all drugs.

They can be found in every location of both games. In Galerians: Ash, the majority of them can be dropped by defeated enemies. If enemies do not drop an item, they will instead drop a permanent stat boost for Rion.

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