The First Galerians were the initial products of Dorothy's research into genetic engineering and paranormal abilities in humans. Originally called G Project, it spawned the Family Program which lead to the creation of Birdman, Rita, Rainheart, and Cain; who himself was a clone of Rion Steiner. The experiments were conducted in Michelangelo Memorial Hospital after Dorothy overtook it and gained complete control of it's facilities, installing Clinic Chief Lem as a spearhead to the project. It can be said that the hospital is the birthplace for Dorothy's first line of children. Specifically, the First Galerians refer to the first four Galerians encountered in the Galerians PSX game and Rion himself can be considered one. Since they were all created by Dorothy, they consider her their mother and their God. Nevertheless, their loyalty greatly differs among them: Cain's is genuine, Birdman looks to be almost indifferent, Rainheart follows her more out of fear rather than true devotion, and Rita secretly has doubts about her.

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