The Last Galerians (ラストガレリアンズ) are a group of four Galerians that were created after the destruction of Dorothy and are the main antagonists of Galerians: Ash. In the event that Dorothy would be destroyed, she created Ash as a back-up program that would revive her and end the human race. When Rion and Lilia uploaded the virus program that killed Dorothy, Ash was free to revive Dorothy at any time but instead he waited to re-write his programming to give him authority over her. Along with Nitro, Spider, and Parano, Ash then wages war against humanity for six years pushing them to the brink of extinction. Lilia eventually finds Rion within the back-up data of Dorothy and uploads his consciousness into his dead body that was being cryogenetically preserved. Together once again, the two fight back against their Galerian army and Rion succeeds in destroying all of the Last Galerians. What isn't realized until the end of the game is that the Last Galerians are actually manifestations of Ash's abusive "childhood" under the control of Dorothy. They can be considered Ash's multiple personalities although they are their own persons and have free will. 

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