Counter Galerian Manual (or Anti-Galerian documentation) is a file in Galerians: Ash. It is found at the Airport Terminal in the Tactical Operations Room, on the main desk. It is a document issued to soldiers, describing Dorothy and the Galerians.

"Dorothy - A revolutionary, self-replicating mother computer developed by Dr. Steiner and Dr. Pascalle. Believing humans inferior, it went out of control. Dorothy experimented with human DNA and created the Galerian race to obey it without question. In 2522, a Galerian with human memories named Rion launched a virus program that destroyed Dorothy. Simultaneously, the last Galerian Ash was born. The existence of her back-up data has been confirmed in the Mushroom Tower.

Galerians - DNA-altered humans created by the malfunctioning mother-computer Dorothy. Obeying their mother without question, the Galerians inject PPECs to utilize psychic powers. Dependent on PPEC's, being unstable without them.

Last Galerians - These ultimate Galerians were given life as Dorothy was destroyed, and 4 types are known: Ash, Spider, Parano, and Nitro. Ash's body contains a fusion reactor that goes critical when he ingests enriched uranium. The godfather of nuclear pollution, Ash is known to be based in the Enriched Uranium Refinery."