Crovic watercolor
"Y'know, I really hate this building."
- Crovic

Crovic is the maintenance man of the Babylon Hotel. Rion Steiner meets him during his search for Lilia Pascalle, asking him if he knows the girl's whereabouts. The plumber says he doesn't know anything, and that the girl he knows is in the hotel is in room 204. He is the only one who isn't slain during Rainheart's massacre of the building. After defeating Rainheart, Rion meets him in the lobby where he removed the tape blocking the boiler room. He tells the boy about how the building is connected to an old restaurant and that he can reach the place by going through the basement. One of his complaints about his job is that the hotel's pipes are too old and that electricity is very limited.

He doesn't appear in the movie.



Trivia Edit

  • He is the only human character in Babylon Hotel, with the exception of the receptionist, who is not shown to be hostile or acting strangely around Rion.
  • Despite being an NPC, Crovic is one of two characters along with Pat don't die on screen. He is the only character of the first game to have the potential to be still alive at the end of the series. It's unknown if he survived the events of both games, since Michelangelo City in Galerians: Ash is said to be a ruined city.