D-Felon Cylinder

Enables patients to form an anti-gravity field around an object. This produces an invisible wall that isolates and entraps the object. Depending on their ability, patients may even be able to move objects they have entrapped.
—Text from Galerians

D-Felon (ディーフェロン) is used to created a force-field around an object. Once you are leveled up, you can move those objects around. It is useful for stunning and damaging groups of enemies that get too close. Rion receives this drug in Stage C by a Babylon Hotel drug dealer although it is the only one available at the time. In Stage D, this drug is common and placed all around the area during Rion and Lilia's invasion of Dorothy's Mushroom Tower. D-Felon also appears in Galerians: Ash where it is useful for levitating weak enemies in the air and then slamming them down. Some bosses in the first game can be levitated with D-Felon but in the second game, all bosses are immune to it. Whilst D-Felon is active, Rion is protected by some attacks. It can be upgraded with Skip up to two times, allowing manipulation of heavier targets along with increasing the inflicted damage.

Nitro's fireballs that constantly orbit around her can be destroyed with D-Felon and they will always drop 100% serum pick-ups for Nalcon, Red, or D-Felon. This is one strategy for removing the fireballs that protect Nitro from damage. However, they will still regenerate afterwards so the player cannot completely destroy them.