Capsule developed to counteract the effects of shorting. It temporarily blocks blood vessels from absorbing drugs and then quickly breaks down or neutralizes any drugs remaining in the system. This drug must be taken soon after a patient has shorted from over use of ability enhancement drugs.
—Description from Galerians

Delmetor (デルメトール) is an important drug that Rion needs to regularly use in conjunction with his psychic powers. Whenever Rion takes damage or uses his ability, the AP gauge will fill up. Once it has filled up, he will enter a state of Short. The AP gauge will also fill up slowly even if Rion is not fighting at all in Galerians. In Galerians: Ash, the AP gauge will only rise if Rion takes damage, uses his powers, dodge rolls, or is in an area with radioactivity.

Delmetor is the only drug that can stop Shorting and without it, Rion will slowly lose HP until death. Because it is so important to Rion, the player should not waste them whenever they are found. In Galerians: Ash, Delmetor isn't the only thing that will cure a Short as green healing stations in Lilia's Hyper Sleep Chamber and Pat's Air Beagle empty the AP gauge along with healing any damage Rion previously sustained. Defeated enemies will also sometimes drop Delmetor or AP stat boosts that will permanently increase Rion's maximum amount of AP.