Doctors are part of the medical staff of Michelangelo Memorial Hospital. They appear only during Stage A in the first game. The first two doctors Rion meets after waking up also appear in Galerians: Rion. They look to be completely human and they wear all white clothing.

Doctors are involved in several highly unethical medical experiments on human victims, like manipulation of human DNA or administering PPECs. They are under Clinical Chief Lem's command, but it's unknown how much they actually know about their activities, part of Dorothy's Family Program in order to create the Galerians. It's also unknown why they support these experiments, if they are Dorothy's followers like Clinical Chief Lem, or if they act in fear or for money. While the first doctor Rion meets tries to justify himself saying he didn't know anything and only did what Clinical Chief Lem ordered him, he was clearly see talking in depth with another staff member about Rion's status. All doctors attack Rion without mercy, and several can be seen, in the present and in flashbacks, working machinery used for experiments. They also do not seem to have objections to experimentation on children.

Their main weapon is a taser and that does little damage. They usually attack in groups, but are very weak and can be killed easily with fully charged Nalcon or Red blasts. If the player kills a doctor while another one is nearby, they will stop attacking and instead try to unsuccessfully resuscitate the dead one. While Rion is shorting, they will run and cower in fear for their lives.

Trivia Edit

  • In Galerians: Ash, the Airport Terminal is inhabited by several medical doctors and researchers, all wearing white clothing. It's unknown if they, or some one of them, were formerly part of the staff at Michelangelo Memorial Hospital but none of them are hostile to Rion. One of them ponders if the world would be better under the control of Dorothy but this was merely another fabrication by Nitro after she trapped Rion in the illusion world.