"We have to separate them. I'll take Lilia away from here."
- Dr. Pascalle

Dr. Pascalle (パスカーレ博士) is Lilia's father and close friend of Albert Steiner. Together with Rion's father, they were a team of skilled computer scientists. Their research into artificial intelligence eventually lead to the creation of Dorothy, a self-sustaining AI capable of controlling many other computers. Unlike any other computer before her, Dorothy had a sentient mind and will of her own. She eventually began to question why she should help humans who often killed one another and Albert Steiner told her about the existence of God. Because God made humanity and humanity made Dorothy, she must obey them. This line of logic didn't last very long because Dorothy then started the Family Program to create the Galerians.

Realizing that the AI is too dangerous, Dr. Pascalle devised a plan with Albert to inject a virus into Lilia's brain and the activation program into Rion when they were children. Lilia and Rion had a very close bond but because of the threat of Dorothy, Dr. Pascalle moved his daughter away from the Steiner residence and they went into hiding. He also says to his daughter to continue to send telepathic message through her doll to Rion, and to never lose the faith that the boy would have come to rescue her. It is implied that Rainheart is his murderer and his body is found within the submerged car, inside the swimming pool.

In Galerians: Ash, Lilia follows in her father's field of work and becomes a respectable computer scientist through her own effort and is the one responsible for bringing Rion back to life.



Albert, Elsa, and Dr. Pascalle from the JP manual.

Trivia Edit

  • His name can be a reference to the French scientist Blaise Pascal .