Dr. Pascalle's Diary details the appearence of Lilia's telepathy after having the virus program written to her brain, and the following events that would occur. It is in the secret room under the pool table on a desk at the end of the room.

"June 9

Today Lilia told me for the first time. She gained the power of telepathy 5 years ago after we had written the virus program to her brain.

August 20

I've seen men with black hats lurking around our house. I wonder if Dorothy has found out about the virus program? If so, Rion and Lilia must not remain at the same location. One of them must go somewhere else...

August 21

I spoke with Dr. Steiner, and we agreed to move Lilia to a new location. We must not let Dorothy have the virus program. She would surely kill them if she found out.

August 23

I took Lilia to another location. Now I can only pray that Dorothy does not find her. The only way to communicate with her now is through telepathy.

September 15

This morning, I met a strange child near the gate. He was with those men in black hats who I have seen lurking about lately. I sense imminent doom."