"I'm so sorry Rion. Won't you find it in your heart to forgive us?"
- Elsa

Elsa Steiner (エルザ) is the mother of main hero Rion Steiner and the wife of computer scientist Albert Steiner. She is a loving person that raised Rion with affection although she is regretful that Rion was injected with the activation program needed to stop Dorothy. This caused him to develop a severe fever and he was bed-ridden for a couple of days, under the care of Elsa. During a flashback when Rion enters a living room, he remembers being shown his mother's silver ring and commented that it was pretty. Another flashback happens when Rion wakes up one night and goes up to his parents, telling them that something bad is going to happen. Later on, Rion sees another flashback in a bathroom where Elsa frantically throws her ring down the sink shortly before being killed by Rainheart. Her dead body is then brutally stuffed inside the kitchen refrigerator with a clock lodged inside her mouth. Her death was kept secret from public opinion, since she is considered disappeared by newspaper found in Michelangelo Memorial Hospital.



Albert, Elsa, and Dr. Pascalle from the JP manual.

Trivia Edit

  • Elsa's death in Galerians: Rion is more violent than in the original game. Instead of her death at the hands of Rainheart being obscured by a fade to black, she is seen having her skull hemorrhaged with blood splattering all over the mirror behind her with the mirror itself reflecting Rainheart's face. However, in both versions, her body is still found by Rion stuffed inside of the refrigerator with a clock inserted in the mouth.