The Family Program was the name of the plot devised by Dorothy that would create the Galerians and end the human race. After Albert Steiner told Dorothy about the existence of God, her thinking entered into a downward spiral because of her inability to understand humanity and why she was supposed to obey them. In her eyes, humans were just inferior systems and she thought it was hypocritical for her not to be able to kill humans despite the fact that humans kill each-other. While she initially obeyed the words of her creator, eventually Dorothy began to enact her plans of ascension to godhood.

Having control of lesser and inferior systems, the AI was able to take complete control of Michelangelo Memorial Hospital and installed Dr. Lem to run the operation. The multiple experiments into human genes and psychic powers were called the G Project and from this project lead to the creation of the Rabbit, a prototype of what would be the Galerians. Dorothy wanted an obedient race of super-humans with superior strength and supernatural powers that were capable of overthrowing humankind. Birdman was the first Galerian to be born and after him came Rita and Rainheart. In addition to the Galerians that were already produced, the Family Program is also responsible for mutant creatures like the Arabesque.

After realizing that Rion and Lilia's parents created a virus program that would destroy Dorothy, she pursued and killed the two families aside from Lilia, who went into hiding under the orders of her father Dr. Pascalle. Rion was captured and taken to the hospital in order to be cloned and implanted with the human Rion's memories for the purpose of tracking down Lilia. This lead to the creation of both the Galerian named Rion and also his twin Cain. Although Dorothy was both Mother and God to her children, she still ended up getting destroyed by the virus program she sought to destroy.

Unknown to anyone else, Dorothy had a back-up program that would release the Last Galerian called Ash, revive her systems, and also destroy humanity in revenge. Ash was built in secret and his development programs existed within the Dome Area of the Mushroom Tower and his computer core rested underneath the Uranium Refinery. Nitro, Spider, and Parano were off-shoots of Ash and were the only Galerians to not be produced by Dorothy herself.

Overall, while the purpose of the Family Program succeeded in creating a new race and granting Dorothy temporary control of Michelangelo City, it still failed in it's purpose to end humanity. Despite almost suffering complete extinction, humanity learned from Dorothy's destructive legacy and outlawed sentient AI like her in order to prevent a disaster like the Family Program from ever reoccurring in the future.