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I can't believe how much of a beating this guy took.

Ok, so this time there's a laser barrier created an arena, which damages you on contact.

  • The robots.

The robots are much different from the last ones, and easier too. This time, instead of electricity attacks, they now have a single shoulder cannon that fires a large fireball. This can be blocked by your shield or Nalcon's built in shield allowing you to attack and defend at the same time.

They are still immune to Red, and Bustanor bounces of their shield making it useless. It may work while they're knocked down, in which case their shields will be down too. Testing is in progress.

Like the previous fight, the first few Nalcon shots are defected, with the final shots breaking through. The Nalcon jab still works any time for an instant knockdown. Everything detailed in the previous videos relating to Nalcon still applies.

  • About Breakaron

Breakaron cause enemies within range (and the range is huge!) to be struck by a bolt of lightning. In past playthroughs, I never really used Breakaron, but here it's amazing, though still a bit risky to use.

Pros -Huge damage on robots (haven't tested it on other enemy types). -Incredible range.

Cons -Slow charge up. -No way to avoid damage once it's active. -Huge cost (I only have 3 shots with my current AP), and rare pickups.

  • Effects on Parano's robots.

As you can see, from Rion's starting position, it can easily reach all four robots and deal over 1000 points of damage. You need to be careful though and be holding the button before the battle starts, as one of more of the robots will fire after a few seconds.

I've been getting mixed results after a successful Breakaron hit. Sometimes, it hits all the bots, while other times the far right bot won't be in range. Also, usually they will drop after being hit, but sometimes one or two will remain standing.

They slowly move around, and that may have something to do with it, but at this point I have no idea. Ideally, you want to hit all four, they drop, then you immediately charge and crush them with another shot. This works most of the time.

If not, the situation is still fine. You'll have more than one down, and perhaps the others lining up their cannons. In that case just reposition and launch another Breakaron.

  • Info on how Breakaron works against Parano will be in the next video.
  • Parano

Be super careful as the fight starts. The game puts you right in front of him with very little time to react. He will randomly use any one of his three attacks. The worst case scenario is the slash combo. It's not too hard to react. I just run and if he does the slashes then dodge to the side. For me he used his jump attack which is pretty easily avoided.

You can just stand there with the shield up and wait and see what he does. Sometimes he just tries to backflip away which is ideal.

There isn't much difference between this and the previous encounter, other than when he uses his flying drill attack towards the end, he will turn towards you two times before stopping. All you need here is your shield. Everything of his except his lightning bolts are blockable. Just keep the shield going during his attack, then be ready to hit him with Nalcon or Red when he finishes.

Throughout this fight you need to be very aware of the laser barrier. Positioning is of infinite importance. I choose to deal with him using Nalcon only this time, as he can avoid Red by backflipping. The only way to catch him with it is during his attacks. You can see it in action in my previous videos of that fight.

I learnt something new in this fight. His slash combo has a built in shield just like Nalcon. I found that out because I mistimed the release of my Nalcon charge, allowing him time to turn around and attack with that combo. I released and watching as the first barrage of shots were deflected, and at the same time my Nalcon shield was saving me from his slashes. Seems Nalcon's final shots were enough to blast him away, similar to the robots shields.

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