The G Project Project is a timeline of the project headed by Dorothy's followers that lead to the creation of the superhuman Galerians, mindless-slave Rabbits, and mutant Arabesque. It is found in a conference room next door to a fetus incubation area.

"G Project Report 10.01.2519 to 10.25.2522
G Project team formed. Purpose. Genetic fusion and cloning to produce workers that can withstand the most extreme conditions.
Production begins. reached the Code0003 Rabbit milestone. Registered as Type-R001.
Mass production of R001 begins.
Type-G001 Galerian transferred to headquarters.
2nd-generation Type-G005 Galerian produced through Sicia technology. Transferred to headquarters.
Production of R001 to R008 ends. R009 production by new technology.
Code yellow during mitosis work in Plant 03. Section D. Work stopped at 10:52 due to pressure loss caused by a cracked pipe. Work resumed at 19:00 after pipe was replaced. Decreased destruction rate, which used to be a high 53.7%. Started massproduction of TYPE-R016 to R026, and raised the productivity 61.2% over last year. Rabbit supply going as planned. Transferring 5 Galerians to headquarters as planned. Massproduction to begin shortly."