Green Blood in-game.

Green Blood
(グリーンブラッド) is a large green mutant enemy introduced in Galerians: Ash. They are based on experiments combining reptile DNA with that of human beings. Very tall in stature, they stand on two legs and their arms end in red and white blades. Their head is white and it's protected at the sides by a mouth-like "shell" that they retreat into to defend against attacks. Whilst protected, the player cannot damage Green Bloods with most powers but they have a weakness against Red, being unable to defend against it's flames. Bustanor is also useful as it allows Rion to strike them from afar, safely away from all of their attacks.

First encountered in Ash's uranium refinery, Green Bloods primarily attack by spitting multiple balls of blue acid at Rion. This attack is not too damaging and they will use this attack if he is far away. However, they are much more challenging adversaries up close. They have a long tail that can be used in two types of attack: a quick swipe or a stronger, impalement strike. Rion getting hit by either of it's tail attacks will push him back but the forward impaling attack will inflict severe damage. Sometimes if Rion is close enough, they will bite him with their sharp fangs.


Trivia Edit

  • The Green Blood is similar in appearance to the Plant 43 enemy from the Resident Evil series. They are both green-colored mutant enemies that have large mouths capable of biting, spitting acid at a distance, and have long limbs. Both enemies also possess a weakness to fire. Unlike Plant 43, which was created from plants using the T-Virus, the Green Blood is not based on plants but instead reptiles.