HP (Hit Points or Health Points) is the most important stat in the Galerians series. In all the games, Rion will start with a full HP gauge and it will decrease whenever he takes damage from either enemy attacks or from his own shorting which, if not stopped, will kill him. Once the HP gauge becomes empty, Rion will die and the game will be over.

Recovery Capsules and Recovery Plus are both healing items that Rion can use to replenish his strength. Galerians only has Recovery Capsules to use and they will heal all his HP. Galerians: Ash includes a new Recovery Plus that works the same way because the original Recovery Capsule will only heal a set amount of HP. Rion can also permanently boost the maximum capacity of his HP by defeating slain enemies and acquiring HP stat boosts. Healing spots exist in Lilia's Hyper Sleep Room and Pat's Air Beagle that will recover any of Rion's lost HP along with emptying his AP gauge. On Easy Mode, the player will start with 2000 HP and on Normal or Hard Mode, the player will start with 1000 HP.

In the first game, if Rion dies fighting a boss, the player will be given a "Retry?" option and ten seconds to decide if they want to fight the boss again (otherwise, the game will take the player back to the main menu.) The second game completely does away with the retry feature and instead forces the player to reload a save.