"This is a list of drugs we plan on administering or have already administered to Rion. All of them have the potential to greatly enhance strength, but we do not yet know what long-term effects they may have on the body and DNA. We hope to collect the necessary data as soon as possible."

- First page of Medical Staff Notes document.

The first Item you find in the first room of the game. It includes information for:

  • RED - A drug that allows the user to set objects on fire.
  • SHORT - The effect of overusing PPECs. User's abilities become uncontrollable and suffer pain until death.
  • NALCON - A drug that allows the user to create a powerful shock wave.
  • D-FELON - A drug that allows the creation of an anti-gravity field, allowing the user to manipulate them.
  • SKIP - A tablet that increase the mental power of the user, greatly enhancing the strength of their abilities.
  • RECOVERY CAPSULE - A capsule that allows hasten healing of the body to restore vitality.
  • MELATROPIN - A drug that allows many different abilities depending on how it is used.
  • DELMETOR - A capsule that stops a short, ending the loss of the user's health.
  • APPOLINAR - A capsule that increases the absorption the PPECs, putting the user at the brink of a short.
  • BEEJECT - A gun-shaped syringe user to inject PPECs through the user's neck.