Melatropin interferes with objects in various ways. It has been proven to have various effects depending on how it is used such as psychometry for reading minds, scanning for extracting information, and telekinesis for moving objects. There is no need to administer this drug to Rion.
—Text from Galerians: Rion

Melatropin (メラトロピン) is a PPEC that is naturally produced in the blood of all Galerians, granting them a multitude of different abilities. Rion is already equipped with Melatropin when you start every game. The first time he used his power was to unlock himself from the bed he had been laying on. As you progress through the game, Rion uses his newly found powers to scan for clues; leading you to useful items that unlock doors or can help you advance the story. In Galerians: Ash, Rion's Melatropin can be upgraded via the Shield which increases the area of protection after being leveled up by Skip.