Movie Viewer (called Movie Preview in Galerians) is a menu feature available in the Galerians video games. It allows the player to re-watch all cutscene FMVs experienced during gameplay. Once the player has viewed a single cutscene during gameplay, it will be available in the Movie Viewer. Saved data must first be loaded from a Memory Card in order to use the Movie Viewer.

In Galerians, there are 63 movies to be collected and they are split among the four Stages in the game.

Stage A - Michelangelo Memorial Hospital : 20 movies.

Stage B - Your House : 13 movies.

Stage C - Babylon Hotel : 19 movies.

Stage D - Mushroom Tower : 11 movies. 

In Galerians: Ash, the Movie Preview has been renamed Movie Viewer and there are 70 movies to be collected. The final ending movie can only be viewed while playing on Normal or Hard Mode. Also, there are 10 bonus Special Pictures obtained after completing the game.

Rank A (Pictures 1-8) : Less than 8 hours, less than 10 saves, normal mode.

Rank B (Pictures 1-6) : Less than 15 hours, less than 30 saves, normal mode.

Rank C (Pictures 1-4 : Less than 20 hours, less than 50 saves, easy mode.

Rank D (Pictures 1-2) : Beat the game.

Rank S (All 10 pictures) : Less than 8 hours, less than 3 saves, hard mode.

Special PicturesEdit