Mugant in-game.

The Mugant (ミューガント) is a gigantic, purple mutant enemy encountered in Galerians: Ash. Of all the enemies encountered in the series, it is by far the largest in size; dwarfing regular humans. Mugants are based on human DNA, specifically from an experiment involving giants and super strength. Their skeleton and muscle mass is reinforced with the genes of other, larger organisms, and they are easily capable of inflicting severe damage to Rion with their large fists. Since they are very wide in size, Red and Bustanor is effective against them. Nalcon strikes will eventually kill them too but it is suggested to attack from behind for double damage.

When they are not trying to smash Rion to pieces, these tusked creatures will fire waves of sonic energy that travel a long distance. Mugants attack with great force but they are also very clumsy. It is easy for Rion to either side step or dodge roll out of the way of their fists, which will glow red with energy before each attack. This enemy is the first enemy encountered by the player once they arrive at Ash's uranium refinery (at the heliport.) A Mugant is also fought at the elevator to the Waste Uranium Storage and winning this scripted battle will yield a Skip. Lastly, this monster has the highest amount of hit points of all enemies in Galerians: Ash, with only bosses having more health, and this makes it the strongest non-boss enemy.

This enemy will yield the highest possible stat boosts of all defeated enemies in the game. Because the first two Mugants encountered near Pat's Air Beagle constantly re-spawn, it is possible to keep gaining stat boosts and items by killing them, and then returning to the Air Beagle to heal Rion's HP and AP. However, the item drop rate is random so it is indeed possible to run out of PPEC serums while doing this.


Trivia Edit

  • The Mugant bears a slight resemblance to the Behemoth enemy from the Final Fantasy series. The Behemoth is a large and often purple colored monster that is known for it's great physical strength much like the Mugant. Both have horns similar to a bull, possess large amounts of hit points, and inflict great damage with melee attacks. While the Mugant is the strongest non-boss enemy in the Galerians series, the Behemoth is one of the strongest enemies to be encountered in a Final Fantasy game.