Nalcon Cylinder

Enables patients to focus their mental energy to produce a powerful shock wave. The shock wave's power depends on how the drug agrees with the patient and their mental energy and brainwaves.
—Text from Galerians

Nalcon (ナルコン) is the most basic drug used to power up a Galerian. Nalcon is used to produce shock waves that blow away enemies with psychic power. No enemy or boss is capable of resisting Nalcon so it is the most important and dependable of Rion's psychic arsenal.

Some enemies can be killed with one charged shot though some, like soldiers, need two or three charged shots to kill them. In order to keep producing shock waves, it is easier if you have a Beeject in hand and a couple of Nalcon cylinders in stock in case you should run out of power.

In Galerians, Nalcon is a single attack while in Galerian: Ash, Rion can shoot multiple blasts of energy capable of pushing back enemies. During this attack animation, Rion will also be shielded from all attacks in front of him. Nalcon is the only attack Rion can use in the second game without it being fully charged as it will shoot a quick burst if he is close to an enemy (done by pressing the attack button once.) In Ash, it can be upgraded two times using Skip increasing damage inflicted and the amount of blasts per wave.

Nalcon is ineffective against Parano while he is charging his lighting attack.