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Parano's robot and Rabbit Borg (A Head artbook)

Parano's robots
are enemies fought in Galerians: Ash. They are soldiers always deployed by Parano before and during his battles with Rion.

They are golden, tall robots which are said by Rion to be in part humans. In his short, their pilot look to be similar to giant fetuses, similar to that found in Michelangelo Memorial Hospital. They are able to talk, recognize Rion and calling him a traitor. Their voices are similar to children or at least very young. During Parano's second boss fight, the gold robots are replaced with stronger red ones.

They shoot Rion with energetic rings to his arm to stun him in cutscenes and then attack him with electricity (gold) or rocket launchers (red) in-game. They are immune to Red, but can be killed with any other offensive PPECs.

Trivia Edit

  • During one cutscene, the robots tell Rion that they were given these "ugly bodies" because of him, implying that they do not serve Parano out of choice. Also, unlike the Moruga which is undead, Parano's robots seem to still retain human consciousness despite being mostly mechanical.
  • The gold colored robots attack with electricity and shields, similar to the way Parano fights.