Plans for new PPECs (or PPEC R&D Planning Documentation) is a file in Galerians: Ash. It is found during Rion's first visit of the Airport Terminal, in Lab no. 1. Rion gets it from Lilia.

This file contains information about the research of Lilia's team on new PPECs for Rion, which lead to the development of Bustanor and Breakaron.

"Beeject - This is a new version of the portable device used to inject PPECs. The old Beeject featured a cylindrical design, but the new design allows all kinds of cylinders to be refilled. This modification means that various cylinders can connect, so that all PPECs may, in theory, be injected.

Bustanor - Still in development, Bustanor produces a piercing shock wave, inflicting damage on multiple targets. The concentration time has also been greatly reduced.

Breakaron - Breakaron, a prototype PPEC, causes neutron ions in the air to vibrate, resulting in an electrical load and the generation of electrical arcs. By combining and controlling these arcs, a powerful electric shock can be inflicted on enemies."