Red Cylinder

Enables a patient to excite an object's molecules, causing it to heat up. If continued long enough, the object will burst into flames.
—Text from Galerians

Red (レッド) is another basic drug that is first used in the game. Red allows Rion to catch things on fire, mostly enemies, and kill them.

To kill an enemy with Red, fully charge it and let go. If you don't have Red fully charged, your enemy will only catch in smoke. If you keep it long enough, but not totally, the enemy will catch fire but the attack won't be that strong. Flames are not effective on robots and other mechanical enemies (all damage on these types of enemies will be 0) so it's advised to use a different ability like Nalcon.

In Galerians: Ash, Red is able to attack three targets at a same time but Rion must fully charge it and it's no longer possible to fire off shorter blasts. It can be upgraded two times using Skip, increasing the damage inflicted and also it's range.

Red is usually useless or very ineffective against robots. It is also useless against Rainheart and Nitro, who both show some affinity with fire. By contrast, Rion can be still harmed by their flames.