"Combat Description file made for Rion/Cain-type Galerians. The contents are memories written to the brain, but only when injured."

The Rion/Cain-type G file (Combat) is a file in Galerians: Ash. It is found in the first room of the game, the Family Program Room, in the Mushroom Tower. It contains information on how to fight enemies in the game. Rion must investigate Cain's dead body and they will be given three files including this one.

"Psychic Attack - If mental concentration is continued and your power is released after reaching the required level (i.e., full Psychic Power Gauge), a psychic attack will be launched to attack a target. Only Nalcon can be used over short distances to attack with single shock waves. Hold down the (square) Button (Key Config-A) to build up concentration, release when the Psychic Power Gauge is full, and psychic attack will be launched. Press the (square) Button (Key Config-A) for Short-range Nalcon attacks.

Lock On - By concentrating your mind on a target within a certain area, that target can be mentally locked. After a target has been locked, you can move sideways without turning away from it. When locked, the target can be scanned to determine its hit points. If an enemy is close enough and the green cursor is displayed, press the (R2) Button (Key Config-A) to lock-on.

Psychic Shield - By concentrating your mind, you can create a mental shield to block enemy attacks. But this is done mentally and without using PPECs, so addiction points will be greatly increased. When you use your shield, any concentration for combat-type psychic powers will be canceled. Press and hold the (R1) Button (Key Config-A) to generate a psychic shield and block enemy attacks.

Forward Roll - You can roll forward to dodge enemy attacks. When you roll, any concentration for combat-type psychic powers will be canceled. By pressing the (circle) Button (Key Config-A), Rion will roll in the direction of either the L-stick or a direction key (Key Config-A) that is pressed.

Short - Shorting is a side effect on the ingestion of PPECs. When addiction level reaches the limit, Rion starts sweating, feels feverish, and blood pressure rises. Consciousness fades, balance lost, and all abilities uncontrollable. This traumatic event wipes out hit points. At the same time, all PPECs in his body is released unconsciously, causing sudden fatal wounds to all objects near by. Delmetor must be taken to recover from shorting or to lower addiction points."