"Gauge Description file made for Rion/Cain-type Galerians. The contents are memories written to the brain, but only when injured."

The Rion/Cain-type G file (Gauge) is a file in Galerians: Ash. It is found in the first room of the game, the Family Program Room, in the Mushroom Tower. it contains information on the psychic gauge which details Rion's stats. Rion must investigate Cain's dead body and they will be given three files including this one.

"Strength/Hit Point (HP) Gauge - This item displays your hit points. Goes down when damaged by enemy attack; Rion dies when it reaches 0. To restore hit points, you will need to take a Recovery Capsule or a Recovery Plus.

Addiction Point (AP) Gauge - Addiction is a side-effect of using PPECs. Addiction points (AP) increase as actions are taken. Enemy attacks, psychic power usage, & radioactivity are factors that greatly increase addiction points. When AP reaches critical level, uncontrolled behavior or shorting occurs, greatly damaging any foes nearby. However, this results in large drops in hit points, and Delmetor should be on-hand to lower AP to zero.

Cylinder Gauge - As you use psychic powers, the level of PPEC in your body will drop, and if this reaches zero, you will not be able to use these powers. To use psychic powers again, you will have to inject new PPECs. All PPECs for combat-type powers take the form of liquid in a cylinder.

Psychic Ability/PPEC Selection - By selecting a PPEC which has accumulated in your body, you can utilize that PPEC's special psychic powers. Use the (triangle) Button (Key Config-A) to select PPECs.

Psychic Power Gauge - A period of mental concentration is needed to launch psychic attacks, and this gauge shows the concentration level. During or after the required concentration level, attack any object by throwing open your consciousness. Short distanced Nalcon attacks with short shock waves. Hold down the (square) Button (Key Config-A) and release it when the Psychic Power Gauge is full to launch an attack. Nalcon short-range attacks are launched by this button."