Shield (シールド) is a defensive psychic ability employed by Rion Steiner and introduced in Galerians: Ash. In the

Shield in-game.

Galerians: Rion OVA, Rion is also seen being able to use this power to block and deflect attacks. It is one of Rion's inherit powers that comes from the Melatropin produced naturally in his Galerian body.

The shield consumes no PPEC serum so it doesn't need to be recharged after a certain amount of uses. However, using the shield will make Rion's AP rise. Whilst active, a purple barrier will be summoned in front of Rion that will protect him from almost all forms of attack. By default, it will only protect him from attacks in front of his face but after upgrading it once with Skip, it will completely surround him. This power is best used to defend yourself from attacks that Rion cannot easily escape from by either running or rolling away. Also, since using the shield will increase Rion's AP, it's one method to manually force a short instead of using an Appolinar capsule.