Description of Short status

Short is a gameplay mechanic of the Galerians series and a side-effect of PPEC use. Once the purple AP gauge reaches it's limit, Rion will enter into this crippling state. When Rion is shorting, he loses control over his powers and become slower but very dangerous since the vast amount of energy released is able to kill immediately almost everyone near him. The process is described by Rita to be very painful, and also Rion screams in pain when he reaches this status. Birdman instead reveals to suffer frequently headaches but it's unknown if he is truly shorting; however this doesn't prevent him from laughing. Ash ultimately shorts during his final battle with Rion, but, differently by other Galerians, doesn't show to suffer the process.

During the short, Rion loses constantly HP until death. The only way to stop the process is to take a Delmetor pill or empty the AP gauge at a healing spot in Galerians: Ash. If Appolinar is administered, Rion will immediately begin to short and in the second game, he will instantly kill all non-boss enemies in the room if he is already shorting.

Other Galerians are immune to Rion's short, as well as Major Romero's enhanced body, Dorothy and Ash. Although not used in-battle, other Galerians are able to short as well. Birdman suspects he is shorting during his fight with Rion and Rita shorts in her attempt to kill Rion but she is unable to.

Censorship Edit

In some version of the game, which also has a shorter opening, without the lyrics and a couple of scenes, enemies killed by shorting don't have their heads bleeding and spray blood everywhere. Still, they bleed on the floor, under their corpses.