When I was a young kid, I remember holding the first Galerians game for the PS1 in my little hands with my brother watching close by. Though it's really embarrassing to say, ever since I saw Rion's face I was deeply afraid of him. He came to me in my dreams, haunting me and trying to tell me something but I just couldn't figure out what he was saying because I was more focused on trying to stay alive, hehe. But then after years of leaving his face behind, I found him again in a video I was watching on YouTube. I instantly remembered him from somewhere and sought out for information about him. Then I guess after watching the movie and playing the game, I wasn't so scared of him anymore, I was actually addicted to the game!

So now here I am, contributing all I know to this Wiki, since apparently it was completely blank when I found it. The only thing that was here was the pages that people have created and that's basically it. Boring, right?